Referral Plan

Our team wants to add more content to Gamer Regnum, translate the platform into other languages so that more people can use our tools in their native language and on their preferred platforms.

We need your help to make these ambitious goals a reality!

That is why today we announce the Referral Program.

Anyone who has contributed $25 or more can participate!

How it Works

Each person who has contributed will receive a referral code in a new email message, which they must provide to their friends, so that they can be counted and thus be able to accumulate points for the prizes to choose from.

The Referral Program allows you to refer up to 15 friends to win rewards or add-ons.

For every friend who contributes $25 or more, you get referral points to spend on add-ons and rewards. And for the better, shipping for any physical item obtained within the referral program is FREE worldwide.

NOTE: all those people who donate $100 or more, will get DOUBLE of points for each referral.

Perks List

The amount of Points generated by the contributions of friends as well as the prizes and benefits and the amount of Points required to acquire them, are detailed in the table below.

Once the funds collection phase is completed, the referral promotion will be closed, the counts will be made and a survey will be sent with the benefits or prizes that the person wants to receive.

Travel with US

For all those people who manage to reach a total of 400 points, they will be awarded the lifetime benefit of participating in “3 EVENTS PER YEAR” with FULLY PAID expenses, as well as a flight ticket, in case that the event will be hosted outside of their country or state of residence, the hotel stay and all the entry fees to the event.

Such events can be computer conventions or product launches related to video games, professional tournaments, and the like.