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About Us

Gamer Regnum is a cross-platform interactive community, which seeks to help players make the most of their gaming time.

The main objective of the platform is to provide tools to manage game times, as well as to provide reliable sources to find guides, information and everything necessary for the player to get achievements in the shortest time possible.

At the same time, it rewards the players for its expansion, by suggesting new games to add to the database, as well as daily tasks which will provide points that can be exchanged for prizes such as Google Play or iTunes cards, among other recognized gaming platforms in order to acquire new games or pay for certain benefits within the games you already play.

Soon it will arrive in versions for Android, IOS and Web-Browser.

Gamer Regnum is inspired to help those people who have little time, but want to have fun without having to pay for those improvements or accessories that only those who pay can obtain.

It is also aimed at those people who like to create content but are not getting the right attention and benefits for the sacrifice of time and knowledge they invest in their published material.

Our Key Features

Easy to use

With a totally simple but complete interface, the app will allow anyone to manage their time in the best way, as well as find the necessary information about their favorite games.


Thanks to its vision of growth and functionality, it will allow people to have their own material such as guides or reference links, which will give the platform more versatility as well as interest for users.


the platform allows those who decide to contribute material to it, to be able to be rewarded with points each time that material turns out to be useful, which will trigger benefits for each of the content creators.

Interesting Data

Risks and Challenges

We understand that backing up an unfinished project can be a risk, so we want to assure you that we have the capabilities to complete Gamer Regnum. We have been working hard on this idea for over 1.5 years. During this time, we have built all the core systems and much of the content on the platform; we just need to add content and polish the system.

We promise to all backers that, to the best of our abilities, we will work hard to not only make Gamer Regnum an amazing environment, but also to make sure our finances are properly managed, that this vision remains clear, and that any new features are technically feasible.

Are you Ready to Contribute?


To learn more about us and discover the benefits of being a Founding Member, review the following list of questions.

Like any founding member of any project, there are always benefits that others will not be able to obtain since they were not part of the creation round of the project.

At this stage, we are looking for people who like to play, but at the same time, would be interested in being able to obtain prizes and advantages throughout the development and growth of the platform.

We are not talking about direct monetary benefits, but recognition both digitally and physically with some gifts in addition to certain long-term advantages, which will help to achieve more prizes when the project is already underway.

So that you can see the benefits, we have created a table that summarizes and organizes them according to the amount donated to the creation of the platform.

Below we will detail the meaning of the benefits as such:

  • VIP Membership: is, as the name implies, a special membership that allows you to avoid seeing custom advertisements that uses the app, but that at the same time allows you to generate more points for each task you will perform, as well as you will be able to obtain more points for friends who register for free and complete their own tasks.
  • Wallpapers: on this occasion, the founders will receive constant and exclusive access to all the wallpapers that are created by us or in multimedia contests that will take place over time.
  • Credits : on our website there will be a section with the list of benefactors towards us, divided according to the rank obtained from through donations.
  • Discord title a title will be assigned on the Discord platform, in order to differentiate to each benefactor and at the same time they will have roles, to be able to access different information and / or materials that will be placed on our server.
  • Discord channels: Like the previous point, here the benefactors will have access to different channels to interact with us and with the community that is accessing our server in Discord. Depending on the donation, there will be some that can only be in the Founders channel and some that may even enter the Beta tests , where they will have the opportunity to comment on bugs and / or suggestions in order to deliver a complete app for the official launch.
  • Digital Multimedia Content: a little more extensive than wallpapers, in this field, soundtracks, videos are included promotional and all kinds of material that is created by us or by the community, instantly and free of charge.
  • Custom Avatar: each founder will have access to an avatar or his own cartoon designed by us and that will be applied both in the web, as in the app at the time of use. It is a limited edition, as it will be created individually by each of the Emerald Commanders who have contributed.
  • Beta Test Access: each of those who obtain this benefit will be able to download the beta phase of the app and have the scoop to see how it works, as well as test its functions and thus help us detect any defect or failure that it may present.
  • Anti-Pollution Keychain: Due to this pandemic in which we are living, we have created an alliance with an American company that provides said tool so that we can use it on a day-to-day basis and avoid infections while we are away from our home.

  • T-shirt and Poster: You can choose between any of the models presented of our t-shirts. The models have the embroidered logo or the logo and the name of the platform in print. They will also receive a poster to hang it, which represents our platform, its motto: Win by Playing .

  • Gamer Hood: will also receive a personalized hood with the logo and the name of our platform.

  • Brainstorming Meetings: as the name says, they will have access to those sessions where new functions will be created, like this as products and / or services to be added to the existing ones. Those who contribute some will be able to generate benefits based on their results.
  • Award Secrets: these will be prizes that will be revealed as soon as we reach 200,000 (two hundred thousand) active subscribers in the first and 1,000,000 (a million) of active subscribers in the case of the second.

To allow any interested person to support to the best of their ability, we have opened a minimum level of $ 10, so that everyone can contribute their grain of sand.

Through this contribution, people will have access to all updates and above all, they will have our eternal gratitude.

If you donate $25 and then you wish to repeat the same amount, it would be counted as a $50 donation, increasing your benefits for the corresponding range of the total donation. This can be repeated, until you accumulate the maximum of $250.

There is no time limit as such, what if there is a limit of quotas, that is, if during the time it takes you to donate again, the quotas are already exhausted to which you are pointing, it will not be possible.

Right now we have the following quotas by Ranks:

  • 1,000 spots of $10
  • 400 spots of $ 25
  • 97 spots of $ 50
  • 50 spots of $ 100
  • 50 spots of $ 250

As soon as the places run out, there will no longer be availability to choose or upgrade to it.

Gamer Regnum is being developed by Global Wealth Revolution Dominicana, a company of Dominican origin that is dedicated to the development of products and/or digital services. The team is made up of Angelo Vinciguerra, Vladimir Pascal, Ricardo Rosario, Abisaí Mercedes, Stanly González, Ariel Perdomo and José Angel de la Cruz.

Our current funds are insufficient to pay the other programmers and vendors needed to complete the project. The funds raised for the main objective will help finalize the financing of the Android and iOS version.

We have built almost all the core systems and most of the functions. We also have tools that make adding and iterating new content quick and easy. After collecting donations, our next focus will be to develop the initial version of the entire platform from start to finish. The main tasks ahead of us include task design, writing, and library design. Fortunately, this is the easiest (and cooperative) part.

The main objective of $16,500 which guarantees that we can launch the platform for both Android and iOS systems and be able to apply the functions that we already have planned for the first stage of development. The remaining $16,000 will be used for advertising and prizes for those people who have contributed to our development.

From the beginning it will be in Spanish, Italian and English. However, we have ambitious localization goals for additional languages:

Location 1

  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Brazilian Portuguese

Location 2

  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Russian

We hope to begin the beta testing phase in April or May of 2021.

We also offer Referral Program!

If you are already a Founding Member, you can get rewards for spreading the word and making other people close to you can contribute their own grain of sand just like you.